Joe McGee Art

Tasha's Fiber Art will be shown on this page as she is part of the 3 Generations of McGee Art, along with my dad Hagan and me! Tasha has been with me from the start, she is my only confidant/critic on my art work!

Here is the link to Tasha's web page:
Above: Tasha with me in my studio, 1986 or so, even then she had such good artistic instinct!
Below: Tasha on the end of the Sky Walk, Bernheim Forest, KY, 2017.
Next: Tasha with a 21C penguin souvenir, 2016

Below: 2 examples of Tasha's new mixed media encaustic on canvas works, from 2017. Each work is 6" square in size, she has more than 20 at this point, July, 2017.

Bottom pics: Tasha working away on one of her new encaustic pieces and holding a frame prototype. 8-2017

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