Joe McGee Art

I have been working for some years now on illustrating and writing a children's story of a silly cat, Mr. Duke, who goes on a journey to join a small make bekieve circus run by Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera in Mexico. The story is something I promised my daughter when she was a child (she is now 29) and I read stories to her. The result is The Amazing Mr. Duke, Diego's Circus. The 26 drawings with text were shown for the first time at Wayside Expressions Gallery in Louisville, KY. The exhibit ran from January 6 -31, 2012.


My children's picture book was printed in a small first run of 100 copies from Evanston Publishing of Louisville.I have maybe 25 copies left.


 Copyrighted, published document


Top below: Mr. Duke as a kitten with Frida and Diego

Middle: Duke and the crew practice at Diego's Circus

Bottom: The real Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera. I did this drawing of the famous Mexican artists to include in my story book along with a short essay on their lives together.

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